Our story

ZIAJOK – in highlanders language it’s a kid curious about the world, who in unconventional way experience the world around. That inspire us.

We share to you our secret !

From the love to our little kids and care for their comfort we create ZIAJOK – mittens and booties, to warm their frozen little hands and feet. We focus on natural materials, simply and practical cut. We like minimalizm. We design every detail. Thoughtout system helps us putting the mittens on little moving hands, and makes difficult to the littleones taking them off. Natural wool lining and thumbless shape keeps little feet and hands warm and cozy.

What You Should Know

Made of natural sheepskin by highlanders craftsman. Using sheepskin, we maintain a family tradition.We sew from the currently available materials. If you like particular color, do not hesitate, because it can no longer repeat.

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